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NORC at the University of Chicago Selected to Conduct a gTLD Whois Registrant Identification Study

Posted September 29th, 2011

As posted to the ICANN blog by Liz Gasster: “I am delighted to report that ICANN has engaged NORC at the University of Chicago to conduct a gTLD Whois Registrant Identification study, seeking a foundational understanding of the types of entities and kinds of potentially commercial activities observed among gTLD domain names.

NORC intends to use Whois Registrant contact data to classify the kinds of entities that register a representative sample of gTLD domain names, including natural persons, legal persons and Privacy or Proxy service providers. NORC will then analyze Internet content associated with each sampled domain to classify the entities that appear to be using those domains, along with any observable potentially commercial activities. Draft study results are expected to be published in mid-2012.”

Click HERE to read more.

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“gTLD WHOIS Privacy and Proxy Relay and Reveal Survey Now Live”

Posted September 16th, 2011

As posted by Liz Gasster to the ICANN Blog: “As part of a broader examination of gTLD WHOIS, ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council is seeking to gain further insight into the origination and handling of “relay” and “reveal” requests. A relay request is a request to forward a message to the registrant of a domain registered using a privacy service. A reveal request is a request to reveal the identity of the licensee of a domain registered using a proxy service.”

Click HERE to read the full article.


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ICANN Seek Request for Proposals for WHOIS Consumer Trust Research

Posted July 11th, 2011

Click HERE for more information on submitting an RFP for WHOIS Consumer Trust Research.

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“How to Avoid Go Daddy’s 60 Day Lock for Whois Change”

Posted May 13th, 2011

The following linked story  is an exciting piece of information for anyone who buys or sells domains.

The explanation and tips on navigating Go Daddy’s maddening 60 day lock for changes to the WHOIS  come courtesy of Domain Name News.

Click HERE to read.

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Cylab at Carnegie Mellon University Selected to Conduct Study of gTLD Whois Misuse

Posted April 7th, 2011

According to the ICANN blog: “ ICANN has engaged the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, CyLab to conduct a set of gTLD Whois Misuse Studies.

Working under the direction of principal investigator Dr. Nicolas Christin, this highly regarded cybercrime lab expects to spend approximately one year analyzing the extent, nature, and impact of harmful actions taken using Whois contact information. To accomplish this, the CMU team will survey gTLD domain Registrants about Whois misuse incidents they have experienced and use experiments to measure how well anti-harvesting measures reduce Whois misuse. Registries, Registrars, other cybercrime researchers, and law enforcement organizations will also be surveyed about reported cases of misuse.”

Click HERE to read the full article.

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Whois, DNSSEC and Domain Security: An Interview With Garth Bruen of Knujon

Posted April 1st, 2011

As we are gearing up for major innovation in the domain space, questions of Internet security loom large.

Whois, DNSSEC and New gTLD issues were on the front burner at ICANN 40, so we sat down with Garth Bruen, Internet security expert and creator of Knujon to discuss these topics and more.


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Whois Review Team Call For Public Comment

Posted March 4th, 2011

Click HERE to read and comment on the issues.

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Can The Use of Whois Privacy Be Considered Material Falsification?

Posted November 4th, 2009

According to Domain Name News, “A ruling by the US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit in the case of U.S. v Kilbride has determined that using whois privacy on domains can be considered “material falsification”.  The case involved an appeal on criminal charges of spamming. The ruling in this case provides an the courts opinion on provisions of  the CAN SPAM Act that specifically relate to the use of domains and were argued by the defense as “vague”.

For the full story, click here

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ICANN To Study WHOIS Abuse

Posted September 28th, 2009

ICANN is seeking independent researchers to respond to request for proposal on WHOIS misuse studies.

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.ca Registry Seeking Feedback on WHOIS Privacy Policy

Posted September 10th, 2009

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), which manages the .ca domain name, is soliciting comments on its WHOIS Privacy Policy HERE. Under the Policy, .ca WHOIS search results do not display registrant, administrative or technical contact information for domain names registered by individuals. The registrant, administrative and technical contact information for businesses and other organizations is displayed by default.

As part of the policy and in the event of a domain name dispute, CIRA implemented an online message delivery form which sends a message to the administrative contact of a privacy-shielded domain name. The person sending the message can ask CIRA to disclose the registrant’s contact information if the dispute is not resolved within 14 days of sending the online message. CIRA will only disclose the registrant’s contact information under specific circumstances.

Comments on the Policy can be made by e-mail, online form or regular mail. The online form and contact particulars can be found HERE.

The deadline for comments is September 24, 2009.

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