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“Texas Department of Transportation wins domain name dispute over”

Posted September 30th, 2011

According to “The Texas Department of Transportation has a message for domain name owners: Don’t Mess with Texas.

The organization just won a National Arbitration Forum case over the domain name The owner of the domain name didn’t respond to the dispute. Barring any late legal action by the owner, the domain will be transferred to the state within 10 days.”

Click HERE to read more.

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Lady Gaga Loses Fight For

Posted September 25th, 2011

As reported by “Lady Gaga has recently lost the fight over the domain name after and arbitrator with the National Arbitration Forum awarded the domain name to the respondent . Lady Gaga submitted a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum,asserting legal rights over the disputed domain name.

The respondent in this case is listed as “oranges arecool XD.”

Click HERE to read more

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Questions about UDRP Decisions from NAF

Posted April 27th, 2010

After the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) called out a complainant for the submission of automated UDRP complaints (HERE) that contain nonsense, an examination into decisions from NAF revealed the same ISSUE.

See the full story from CircleID HERE.

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Sandra Bullock Gets Her Domain Name Back

Posted August 14th, 2009

Sandra Bullock sent her tough guy husband, Jesse James, to the door of the registrant of the domain name to kick some butt. Just kidding. Sandra won her name back the regular way. Through arbitration at NAF. See the full skinny HERE.

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Tiger Woods Loses Domain Name Arbitration

Posted July 8th, 2009

Tiger Woods couldn’t use is short game, game day glare or even his Sunday red shirt with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) to transfer the domain name (his son’s name) to Tiger’s personal services company, ETW Corp.

See the full skinny HERE.

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Bill Clinton Loses Battle for Domain Names

Posted June 5th, 2009

From the Huffington Post

Bill Clinton’s attempt to prevent Web of Deception’s Joseph Culligan from using his name for a series of web URLs —,, and — was lost this week when an arbitration panel denied the former President’s complaint. See the full skinny HERE.

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Cameron Diaz Wants Her Domain Name

Posted May 6th, 2009

Cameron Diaz commenced arbitration to try and recover the domain name currently registered to Alberta Hot Rods of some place called High Prairie, Alberta, Canada — you know just down Highway 2 from Lesser Slave Lake. Other celebrities vying to get domains using their names include Jim Carrey, Jay Leno and Sigourney Weaver.

Get the full skinny HERE.

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The Broken Record: Domain Name Disputes

Posted March 24th, 2009

By Doug Isenberg
The GigaLaw Firm

For the second consecutive year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has ANNOUNCED a record level of activity relating to domain name disputes, with 2,329 complaints being filed in 2008 under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).  The figure represents an eight percent increase over the previous record year in 2007.

(The National Arbitration Forum (NAF) REPORTED that a total of 1,770 cases were filed in its domain name dispute resolution program in 2008, but NAF does not indicate whether its caseload was busier than past years, and NAF statistics are not readily available.)


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