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The Decisions Of ICANN, Nairobi A Month Later

Posted April 9th, 2010

We are a month out from the ICANN Nairobi meeting. It usually takes a few weeks for the dust to settle, to get back into routine and to digest the decisions made or not made during the meeting. Many members of the community were fraught with security concerns and as a result, attendance was incredibly low. Reports from those we spoke with who did attend was that this worked to the advantage of those seeking a sit -down audience with ICANN Board members and staff.

However, there were challenges presented by having large swaths of entire constituencies not in attendance, glitches in remote participation and transcripts as well as security at the meeting so tight it made it difficult to move around freely. This is not the first meeting to have security issues and safety threats. Perhaps it was because of the elaborate security measures that the meeting went off without incident.

This ICANN meeting also received an unusual share of attention from the non-ICANN focused blogosphere thanks in large part to .XXX being on the agenda.

The following is a breakdown of the key decisions made during ICANN Nairobi and what action has been taken on them in the month since the meeting.


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ICANN Board Dumps EOI

Posted March 12th, 2010

According to sources following the ICANN Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, that wrapped up today, the ICANN Board has decided to withdraw the proposal for a mandatory Expressions of Interest (EOI) for first round applicants of the new gTLDS. The EOI had required applicants to make a public declaration of their desired name string and plop down a payment of $55,000. Opposition (see HERE) by the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and a lack of public consensus were said to be the main contributing factors in the board’s decision.

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Expression of Interests for new gTLDs Explained. Last Chance for Public Comments with ICANN

Posted January 26th, 2010

Most people would agree that in all areas of life, it is best to hope for the best but to be prepared for the worst. We keep fire extinguishers in our homes, earthquake kits in our cars and wear helmets when we ride our bicycles. We can anticipate problems that might arise and prepare for them. If this logic were subscribed to, it would then follow that prior to embarking on a large-scale business endeavor one would want to take every measure to prepare.

The road to the new gTLD rollout is pitted with disagreement regarding the anticipation of what the first round of applications will actually look like. Although the process of introducing new gTLDs is not untested, there has never before been the prospect of introducing a potentially unlimited amount into the DNS. Thus, applicants and administrators are fervently trying to discern the scope of resources needed to push the program forward and how those resources will be allocated. There are questions of how ICANN will adequately prepare for the rollout, how the revenue generated by application fees will be used, and what the staffing and legal needs will be. It is impossible to have an absolutely precise picture of what the rollout will look like without the aid of a time machine, but it is possible to remove some of the mystery from the process.

At the ICANN meeting in Seoul in October 2009 the idea of a pre-application Expression of Interest was floated. A Working Group comprised of members from several different constituencies and groups within ICANN then formed to work out the details and logistics of what an Expression of Interest period would look like. What they came up with is an interesting solution to the problem of how to prepare for a successful application round.

Essentially, the Expression of Interest or EOI is a pre-application round for those who intend to implement and operate a new gTLD. It is an opportunity for those who are planning to apply for a new gTLD in the first round to set the process in motion, get a clearer picture of how many applicants will participate in the first round, whether they will have competition (providing a pre-application opportunity to work out a situation with competitors) and allowing a pre-application round assessment of the scope of resources needed to operate as smooth and successful a process as possible.


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Evaluators Selection for the New gTLD Program Continues

Posted October 26th, 2009

From ICANN News Alert

ICANN has received 12 responses to the call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for independent evaluators in the new generic top-level domain name (gTLD) program. The application period for organizations interested in evaluating applications for new gTLDs took place between 13 April and 15 September 2009. The respondents are well-qualified and respected organizations from Australia, Belgium, Iran, Jordan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

For the full skinny go HERE.

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New gTLD Program: Update on Independent Evaluators Search

Posted August 3rd, 2009

ICANN is reopening the Expressions of Interest (EOI) period for independent evaluators to perform key roles in reviewing applications for new generic top-level domains, scheduled to launch in 2010. The new Expressions of Interest period opens on 31 July, 2009 and closes on 15 September, 2009.

The evaluation areas needed are:

  1. Applicant Evaluation Teams (Technical and Financial Evaluation)
  2. Geographic Name Evaluation
  3. String Similarity Examiners
  4. Community Priority Evaluation Panel — formerly the Comparative Evaluation Panel

Links for the extension of the posted Expression of Interest which contain the criteria for each panel HERE.

ICANN is pleased to report that during the initial open search period (25 February, 2009 to 11 June, 2009) it received expressions of interest from nine, well-qualified candidates interested in serving as independent evaluators. ICANN would like to acknowledge and thank those respondents listed below. ICANN continues to engage in further discussions with the current candidates and will shortly hold an “EOI responders conference” limited to the firms that responded by the original due date of June 11, 2009. The outcome of this conference will be shared with the public and used to better inform potential new candidates. The existing candidates will also be able to update their proposals based on this interaction.

The decision to reopen the search period has been made to accommodate the internal requirement to build a robust and scalable operations process with primary and secondary service providers as well as to eliminate the appearance of conflict in the evaluation process.

The Independent Evaluators are expected to be identified by ICANN in Q4, 2009.

For the full skinny go HERE.

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