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Info on ICANN’s Legal Rights Objections for the new gTLDs

Posted February 6th, 2012

This from Nick Wood, friend and partner at Com Laude:

1.  Go HERE for FAQ on “Legal Rights Objections under ICANN’s New gTLD Program — Filing a Legal Rights Objection at WIPO: What You Need To Know”

2. Go HERE for a WIPO Center-produced summary of “Trademark Rights Protection Mechanisms for New gTLDs”.

3. Go HERE for an updated page (a policy snapshot) on “WIPO Observations on New gTLD Dispute Resolution Mechanisms”.



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.XXX domain name lawsuit

Posted January 4th, 2012

From domainnews

VIPINDIRIM has recently filed a lawsuit with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center over domain name . According to WIPO,the domain name case started on December 29,2011.

According to whois records domain name has been registered on December 6,2011 by Yasin Kaplan.

.XXX domain names became available for public sale on December 6,2011 .

Only one other .XXX domain name case has been filed until now .The case was filed with the National Arbitration Forum over domain name .

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“The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and WIPO”

Posted October 7th, 2011

Click HERE to read WIPO’s paper on The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and WIPO.

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“WIPO Expresses Trademark Concerns On New gTLDs And UDRP Changes… Again”

Posted August 24th, 2011

As published to the “Sounding like a broken record, WIPO has published an update on their activities as an international resource for time- and cost-efficient alternatives to court litigation of intellectual property disputes, acting both as a provider of legal and organisational expertise and as an administrator of cases. In the report WIPO expresses concerns to the introduction of new gTLDs and a revision to dispute resolution under the UDRP with trademark issues at the heart of their concerns.”

Click HERE to read more.

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As UDRP Filings Hit Record Levels, WIPO Guidelines Expand

Posted March 31st, 2011

2010 was a good year for WIPO as UDRP filings rose 28% above those filed in 2009 thanks in part to paperless filing options as well as legal index and overview services. Since the launch of the UDRP process in 1999, the WIPO center has received over 20,000 UDRP cases with the top five areas of WIPO complainant activity in ”retail, banking and finance, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Internet and IT, and fashion”.

WIPO have also just released a major OVERVIEW of the process full of new additions and amendments to reflect the changing Internet ecosystem.

Click HERE for more information.

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WIPO Launches New On-line Tool to Facilitate Brand Searches

Posted March 8th, 2011

“A new on-line tool launched by WIPO on March 8, 2011, will make it easier to search over 640,000 records relating to internationally protected trademarks, appellations of origin and armorial bearings, flags and other state emblems as well as the names, abbreviations and emblems of intergovernmental organizations. The Global Brand Database allows free of charge, simultaneous brand-related searches across multiple collections.”

Click HERE to read more.

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DigiMedia wins Reverse Domain Hijacking Case

Posted February 14th, 2011

The Complainant was Prime Pictures LLC of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), represented by Law offices of Vince Ravine, PC, United States of America (“USA”) The Respondent was L.P. of Texas and Oklahoma, USA, represented by John Berryhill, USA.

The disputed domain name:

See the full skinny HERE.

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Letters of Concern Over New gTLD’s Influence Program Delays

Posted December 14th, 2010

All the noise and excitement around the progress of New gTLDs can sometimes drown out those with “technical” concerns. In the days leading up to the Cartagena meeting, heavy pieces of correspondence were dropped from some high places expressing general dismay with the way that the process is moving forward.

To those who are new to ICANN, this sort of clash is not unusual. Problems have been cropping up and being resolved throughout this process. Some of these problems seemed unsolvable but proving that bottom up consensus can work, they were solved. As the years wear on, as a community we are able to see a bit more clearly that some concerns are founded and some are not.

The concerns arising this close to the possible kick off of the program are not new. They are problems that ICANN and the community involved with New gTLDs have been grappling with since the announcement of the program at the ICANN, Paris meeting. Both the United States Department Of Commerce (USDC) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) disagree with certain aspects of the way that ICANN intends to move forward with New gTLDs.

The USDC sent a scathing letter to ICANN, accusing them of not holding up their end of the bargain on the affirmation of commitments. The lack of a conclusive economic study was specifically cited. The letter was sent on December 2, 2010 just three days before the ICANN Cartagena meeting was set to being. On the day following the publication of this letter, ICANN published the Phase II Economic Study (which can be read HERE).

WIPO’s letter was also sent on December 2, 2010. They cited concern over RPMs (Rights Protection Mechanisms). Erik Wilbers, Director of WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center in his letter to ICANN states: “[O]nly RPMs that work, for all parties, will contribute to the genuine credibility of ICANN’s New gTLD Program”. WIPO is also concerned that the New gTLD initiative will lean too heavily on them to provide dispute resolution. While ICANN has named several dispute resolution providers, this has not quelled WIPO’s fears.

To the credit of ICANN, they listened to these concerns and at the board meeting that closed the Cartagena meeting on December 9, 2010 “clarified that the Board had listened and in the spirit of the consensus driven, multi-stakeholder model passed resolutions that granted Internet stakeholders more time to work through remaining issues on several topics.” A consultation has been set up for February to address outstanding issues as well as the public comments on the Proposed Final Draft Applicant Guide Book. ICANN stated that it is proceeding with caution regarding New gTLDs and at the conclusion of the meeting, ICANN Chair, Peter Dengate Thrush was quoted saying, “We would rather do it right than do it fast.”

The following is a summary of the concerns from WIPO and the USDC. If you should agree or disagree, please share your thoughts with the ICANN community in their comment threads.


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What Does WIPO Have To Do With E-Books For The Blind?

Posted November 9th, 2010

Click HERE to find out.

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Disputed Domains Heard By WIPO Up in 2009

Posted March 23rd, 2010

In 2009, the number of disputed domain names arbitrated by WIPO jumped for the third consecutive year, jumping by 18.5% to 4,688 from 3,958 in 2008. This compares to an increase in domain registrations of 8% over the same period to 192 million from 177 million in 2008.

See the full story from HERE.

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