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Widespread Virus Proves Macs Are No Longer Safe From Hackers

Posted April 9th, 2012

From The New York Times

For years, Mac users have been told that not only are they cooler than their PC counterparts, they are safer too. Apple has always held that computer viruses and malware only dogged its competitors.

That is no longer the case.

This week, security researchers discovered a new computer virus had infected half a million Mac users — about half of them in the United States. The virus is infesting users in the most surreptitious way possible: users need not manually click on any malicious links or manually download any malware to get infected. The program simply downloads itself. Once downloaded, the malware’s creators gain a back door that gives them unauthorized access to the victim’s computer.

“This is the largest scale attack on Mac OS X to date,” said Roel Schouwenberg, a senior researcher at Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus software company who has analyzed the malware. “And much more sophisticated.”

For now, the malware’s creators appear to be using infested computers for click fraud, in which they manipulate clicks on a Web advertisement in exchange for kickbacks. But as with all malware, its creators can choose to use infected computers however they like.


For the full skinny go HERE.

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Police patrolman’s beat: Break up Facebook fights

Posted March 13th, 2012


According to a U.K. police inspector, one patrol car is assigned to be driven from house to house to deal with people’s complaints about things written on Facebook.

Here is a job that many modern, ambitious police officers would surely adore: driving around to people’s houses all day in order to listen to their complaints about Facebook. No, these folks aren’t up in arms about losing their privacy legs. They are upset at what others have posted about them. Who cannot thank the Daily Mail for noting that one British police inspector revealed this rather modern form of policing? On his Inspector Gadget blog, the unnamed policeman wrote that the “Facebook car” is what is officially known as the “Diary Car” or the “Pending Car.” He described its operation like this: “Neighborhood Constables have to drive from address to address all day, listening to endless tales of harassment on Facebook, threats by text and insults in the queue by the cigarette counter at the local Asda [supermarket].” Some might find it refreshing that the Brits, known for their stiff-lipped valor under pressure, choose to call the police when they are maligned by the loose-lipped on Facebook. Others might despair at the depths to which society is currently taking its trowel. You might wonder who would be posting nasty things about these hurt, sad souls. Well, the inspector offers: “Almost all of this conflict is between vaguely related family groups, usually started over the genetic origin of whichever baby happens to be screaming in the buggy at the time.” The family, like privacy, seems to have become an outdated–or at least remolded–concept.

See the full skinny HERE.

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Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Posted February 13th, 2012

From Yahoo! News

LONDON (AP) — A hacker claims to have compromised the personal information of more than 350,000 users after breaking into a disused website operated by pornography provider Brazzers.

Kate Miller, director of communications for site owner Manwin Holding SARL, said Saturday it was “currently investigating the issue” but that no credit card information has been leaked.

Miller said it appeared that the hacker had gained access to an inactive forum to help enter other, linked websites. She said people who were potentially affected were being notified of the security breach by the company.

In an email, she said that security was “a priority at all times” and that the company would do all it could to safeguard its users’ information. The email went on to blame the hacker for “illegal and prohibited cyber criminal activities.”

The breach is a potential embarrassment for Luxembourg-based Manwin, which runs some of the world’s best-known pornography websites.

See the full skinny HERE.

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Government-backed hacker teams do most China-based data theft

Posted December 13th, 2011

From USA Today

WASHINGTON – As few as 12 different Chinese groups, largely backed or directed by the government there, commit the bulk of the China-based cyberattacks stealing critical data from U.S. companies and government agencies, according to U.S. cybersecurity analysts and experts.

See the full story HERE.


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“Darpa Begs Hackers: Secure Our Networks, End ‘Season of Darkness’”

Posted November 8th, 2011

As reported by Spencer Ackerman of “The Pentagon’s far-out research agency and its brand new military command for cyberspace have a confession to make. They don’t really know how to keep U.S. military networks secure. And they want to know: Could you help them out?

Darpa convened a “cyber colloquium” at a swank northern Virginia hotel on Monday for what it called a “frank discussion” about the persistent vulnerabilities within the Defense Department’s data networks. The Pentagon can’t defend those networks on its own, the agency admitted.”

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