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Note to Jurors: Don’t Facebook Friend the Defendant

Posted January 5th, 2012

From Forbes

Social media continues to pose problems for courts across the country, as a Florida man was kicked off a civil trial jury after trying to friend a defendant on Facebook.

The juror, Jacob Jock, was in a jury pool for a personal injury lawsuit involving a traffic accident, and said he decided to look up people in the case to see if he knew them. When he came across the female defendant’s profile, Jock claims he “accidentally friend requested her,” when he didn’t think he’d get picked for the jury.

The Florida case is just the latest in a series of incidents involving jurors’ improper use of social media sites, and judges are starting to crack down, threatening jurors with contempt of court charges if they insist on giving constant updates or contacting defendants.

For the full story go HERE.


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Retro Disease Strikes Down Playboy Mansion Party Attendees

Posted February 12th, 2011

Remember two days ago when the domain industry was making mainstream news we could all be proud of? Today, the domain industry made mainstream news again as DomainFest Global attendees contracted a retro disease from what they believe was a fog machine during a fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion.

The LA Times reports “Hugh Hefner’s legendary Playboy Mansion is the focus of a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health investigation after reports that dozens of visitors contracted a mysterious respiratory illness after attending a fund-raiser there earlier this month.”  The Times goes on to explain “Many suspect their symptoms are related to Legionellosis, or Pontiac fever— a milder form of Legionnaires’ disease, which is caused by bacteria living in warm air-conditioning systems.

Many of those who became ill said they suspect a fog machine that was used at the party.”

Among those affected is David Castello, co-founder of Castello Cities Internet Network Inc who told The Times he is recovering from “fever, a dry cough, headaches and back spasms”.

NameSmash would like to wish everyone affected a speedy recovery.

Click HERE to read the full article.

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Battling the Conficker Internet Worm

Posted May 11th, 2010

From ICANN News Alert

A very interesting report on the origination of the Internet virus in October 2008, the efforts of the worldwide DNS community to fend it off for almost a year and an analysis of lessons learned to be better prepared for future attacks.

See the full story HERE.

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Hacktivists Ransack Hitler Defender’s E-mail

Posted November 18th, 2009

From The Register

Self-proclaimed anti-fascist hackers have struck a major blow at controversial World War II historian David Irving by taking down two of his websites and publishing scores of his emails and private information.

The 16,000-word missive posted to Wikileaks contains the names and contact details of supporters of Irving, who – among other things – claims that Adolf Hitler was unaware of the Holocaust. It also includes passwords for accounts Irving used to receive email, administer his websites, and process online purchases of his books and tickets. Its posting over the weekend coincided with the outage of his two websites, and Focal Point Magazine.

“I committed the usual error of using the same password for two internet applications,” Irving told The Register on Tuesday. “It’s not very pleasant for the people whose own data has been compromised.”

The contents from Irving’s America Online email account showed contemporaneous messages with supporters and assistants as Irving toured the United States promoting his latest book. Many of the emails reveal locations of appearances that were generally kept secret until just hours before they were to begin.

“We trust you to keep this location confidential,” the messages conclude.


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Craigslist is No Pimp Says Judge

Posted October 23rd, 2009

U.S. District Judge rules that Craigslist is not liable for prostitution ads. See the full story from cnet.

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Sweden Offline for an Hour

Posted October 14th, 2009

From DomainNews

.SE Removed from the Internet for One Hour Following ccTLD Maintenance

A maintenance error on Monday night led to Sweden’s country code Top Level Domain, .SE, being removed from the internet for about one hour meaning all .SE domain names were unavailable worldwide.

.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), the registry for .SE, sent out an incorrect zone file on Monday 12 October at 21.45 in connection with planned maintenance work. The cause was an incorrect software update, which, despite .SE’s testing procedures was not detected.

The problem, promptly resolved, continued to impact on some internet users worldwide as some internet service providers outside of Sweden who are unaware of the problems may need to clear their cache.

According to Pingdom “it wasn’t until around 23:30 local time[Monday] night that the major Swedish ISPs had flushed their own DNS caches, meaning that they cleared away the broken results so that new DNS lookups could start working properly again. If they had not done this the problem would have remained for a full 24 hours.

“There are still a large number of smaller ISPs that have not yet fixed the problem. It is also likely that ISPs outside of Sweden is not aware of the incident, so the effects of the problem may remain there as well.”

According to investigations by Pingdom, when .SE was “updating the data, the script did not add a terminating ‘.’ to the DNS records in the .se zone. That trailing dot is necessary in the settings for DNS to understand that ‘.se’ is the top-level domain. It is a seemingly small detail, but without it, the whole DNS lookup chain broke down.”

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Chinese Teen Dies at Bootcamp for Internet Addicts

Posted August 7th, 2009

Apparently, Internet abuse is rampant with Chinese teenagers. According to article posted on Rueters yesterday, there are over 200 centers offering treatment for Internet disorders, at least one of which administered shock therapy. See the full skinny HERE.

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