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ICANN 39, Cartagena Colombia – Are You Ready?

Posted November 4th, 2010

We have exactly one month until ICANN 39 when the domain industry will invade a Colombian resort town famous for it’s time as a busy port during the gold and silver trades. The Cartagena meeting, beginning Saturday the 4th of December and ending Friday the 10th, is (with the exception of individual closed meetings) open to anyone who would like to attend. While it may feel as though many of the recent meetings have been a broken record, rehashing the same talking points without moving forward or yielding any tangible action, this meeting more than several of the last, is where we may see the beginning of some real, active change.

With the New gTLD program finally at a point where it looks like things might really be able to move forward, we are facing a meeting that will be extremely New gTLD heavy. It will also be an active meeting for the IDN fast track program and IPv6, which is beginning to make mainstream news. We will (hopefully) see tangible progress of several programs that have been forming over the last few years. The apparent finalization of the New gTLD program should also attract many new attendees bringing new blood and new ideas to the conference.

If you are interested in applying for a new gTLD, this is the 11th hour for forming relationships with the folks you need to contract to assist in the application process as well as anyone you may need to run your back end operations. If your company is concerned with how they might be affected by new gTLDs, this is your meeting. If you are not yet actively involved, the best way for you to judge if all this is for you is to physically be present. If for no other reason this meeting will be a strategic networking opportunity.


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