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“DNSSEC Update from ICANN 42 in Dakar”

Posted November 30th, 2011

As posted to by Ram Mohan: “While the global rollout of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) continues at the domain name registry level — with more than 25% of top-level domains now signed — the industry continues to focus on the problem of registrar, ISP and ultimately end-user adoption. At the ICANN meeting in Dakar in late October, engineers from some of the early-adopting registries gathered for their regular face-to-face discussion about how to break the “chicken or egg” problems of secure domain name deployment.”

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What You Need To Know About DNSSEC – An Interview With Dr. Richard Lamb

Posted August 26th, 2011

Cybercrime is on the rise and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) has been one of the hottest security topics this year.  Created as a response to a flaw in the DNS, the intention of DNSSEC is to prevent users from experiencing redirection to fraudulent web sites and similar forms of cybercrime. There is a debate within the community as to whether DNSSEC is truly necessary. Some feel it is not comprehensive in its current form, while others believe it is an important brand protection tool.

Like many Internet security issues, DNSSEC is sometimes misunderstood by those outside the technical community so we sat down with Dr. Richard Lam, DNSSEC Program Manager for ICANN, to get his perspective on what you really need to know about DNSSEC.


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“ICANN Security Chief Urges Widespread Adoption of DNSSEC”

Posted August 8th, 2011

As posted to “Jeff Moss, ICANN’s Vice President and Chief Security Officer, told the Black Hat Technical Security conference on 3 August that now is the time for corporations and organizations to embrace DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions).

“If you only call us after the house is on fire, you have very few options,” Moss told the conference, a premiere venue for elite security researchers. He emphasized the need for businesses to prioritize online security, including adoption of DNSSEC.”

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“DNSSEC Baby Steps Reported at ICANN 41″

Posted July 29th, 2011

As published to the Afilias blog: “The Internet is slowly beginning to adopt the new DNSSEC domain names standard, but significant challenges remain. That was the main takeaway from a four-hour workshop on the technology held during the recent ICANN 41 public meeting in Singapore, which heard from many domain registries, registrars and other infrastructure providers.

July 15, 2011, was the one-year anniversary of ICANN signing the DNS root system with DNSSEC. While enormous strides have been made since then, such as the signing of key top-level zones, the standard is now entering what may prove to be its trickiest phase of deployment — encouraging usage by domain registrants and the support of the registrars that, in most cases, will act as their gatekeepers.”

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“Nominet Pilots Domain Security Pump-Up”

Posted July 25th, 2011

As reported by “Dot-UK registry Nominet has started piloting a free service designed to help UK businesses boost the security of their websites’ domains.

The DNSSEC Signing Service “will allow registrars to quickly and easily implement DNSSEC by relying on Nominet to manage the cryptographic signing process, management of keys and publishing records to nameservers and zone files,” Nominet said.”

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Deployment of DNSSEC in the Root Zone: Impact Analysis

Posted April 14th, 2011

According to ” In 2010 ICANN commissioned a study from DNS-OARC to examine the impact of DNSSEC deployment in the root zone, and in particular the effects on clients from the large DNS responses resulting from the use of a Deliberately Unvalidatable Root Zone (DURZ).

The DNS-OARC study drew upon the results of a coordinated data collection exercise by root server operators, with each data collection window timed to coincide with a transition by one or more root servers from serving an unsigned root zone to serving the DURZ.

ICANN is publishing this report in order to share its findings with the wider DNS community.”

Click HERE to read the report.

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Whois, DNSSEC and Domain Security: An Interview With Garth Bruen of Knujon

Posted April 1st, 2011

As we are gearing up for major innovation in the domain space, questions of Internet security loom large.

Whois, DNSSEC and New gTLD issues were on the front burner at ICANN 40, so we sat down with Garth Bruen, Internet security expert and creator of Knujon to discuss these topics and more.


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DNSSEC Deployment Reaching Critical Mass

Posted March 23rd, 2011

As reported by Ram Mohan: “Less than nine months after the DNS root was signed, the rollout of DNSSEC across the Internet’s top-level domains is approaching the tipping point. Thanks to the combined efforts of registries around the world, the new security protocol will soon be available to the majority of domain name registrants in almost a quarter of all TLDs.

As a reminder, DNSSEC — Domain Name System Security Extensions — is a trust upgrade to the decades-old DNS protocol. Using DNSSEC, resolvers are able to ensure that no one or nothing has tampered with DNS messages by validating their cryptographic signatures. The technology goes a long way in protecting Internet users from attacks, like cache poisoning, that have the potential to undermine the trust we all place in electronic commerce.”

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