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KENIC “Dashes” Cybersquatting Activities In Kenya

Posted January 27th, 2009

KENIC, Kenya’s domain name registry, has implemented a precautionary measure that prohibits the registration of a domain name with a dash or hyphen if a version of the domain name has already been registered without a hyphen. The same applies if a domain name is first registered with a hyphen, the unhyphenated version will be blocked. For instance:

The registration of will block the registration of, likewise the registration of will block the registration of

This system has been implemented to curb cybersquatting in addition to saving legitimate registrants the costs of registering different versions of their domain name. Perhaps other countries will take their cue from Kenya and we will start to see other more countries taking it upon themselves to step up to fight cybersquatting.

 To view the Kenyan whois database visit  

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