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Results of ICANN’s Prioritization Draw for the New gTLDS

Posted December 20th, 2012

See who got lucky and is rolling out first: HERE.

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ICANN Sells Tickets for their New gTLD Lottery

Posted December 14th, 2012

From DomainNameNews

ICANN has opened their ticket sales for the lottery for new TLD applicants earlier today. Ticket sales end on December 17th at 11am PST.Due to the lottery laws in California, the tickets have to purchased for $100 in person. Originally ICANN had proposed a digital archery system, where applicants would provide a target time and whoever clicked a link closest to their target time would be processed first, but decided to proceed with a lottery instead due to protest from the community. You can review the full ICANN rules for the lottery draw.

For the full skinny go HERE.

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Obama Signs Safe Web Act into Law

Posted December 5th, 2012

From The Hill

President Obama signed into law on Tuesday a bill that would reauthorize the Federal Trade Commission’s authority to clamp down on Internet fraud and online scammers based abroad.

Outgoing California Republican Rep. Mary Bono Mack was the lead co-sponsor of the bill, the U.S. Safe Web Act, which expands the FTC’s powers so it can share information about cross-border online fraud with foreign law enforcement authorities.

The bill was originally passed by Congress in 2006 and was set to expire next year. With the president’s signature, the measure is reauthorized through September 2020.

For the full skinny go HERE.

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ICANN New gTLDs Prioritization Draw: FAQs

Posted December 3rd, 2012


About the Draw

What is the Prioritization Draw?

The Prioritization Draw is an equitable and fair way to order the release of initial evaluation results for all new gTLD applications. The Draw will determine the order by which applications move through the remaining stages of the program.

When and where will the Draw take place?

The Prioritization Draw will be held on 17 December 2012 beginning at 1:00 p.m. PST (19:00 UTC) at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel, located at 5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045 in the International Ballroom on the Lobby Level.

Why is the Draw event in California?

ICANN has been authorized to conduct a raffle in California by the California Department of Justice (Raffle Registration Number RJ0007607). Accordingly, the Draw must be conducted pursuant to California law, which requires us to conduct the raffle in California.

May anyone attend the actual Draw?

Yes. The Draw event is open to the public, but just like an ICANN meeting you must register in order to attend. You can register at

Do we have to be present at the Draw event to receive a priority number?

No. Tickets must be purchased in person but you do not need to be present at the Draw event to receive a priority number.

If you cannot attend the Draw event but you want to participate in the Draw, you must designate a representative or proxy to purchase a ticket for each application you want to receive a priority number.

If you cannot attend and do not want to participate, no action is needed.

If you cannot attend the Draw event you will be able to watch the event online. We will have a live stream from the New gTLD microsite.

Get the full skinny HERE.


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