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ICANN Seeks Input on gTLD Batching

Posted July 29th, 2012


Opportunity for Community Input: Processing of New gTLD Applications

At the Prague ICANN meeting, the new gTLD Program Committee decided to terminate Digital Archery, and instructed ICANN staff to proceed with the initial evaluation of applications as quickly as possible. This evaluation is in progress based on a tentative project plan that foresees the processing of applications in a single batch, and simultaneous release of results. ICANN believes this approach is consistent with the constraints that various parts of the community have in performing their respective roles in the evaluation process, and with the feedback received from the community at the Prague meeting.

This comment opportunity seeks input on requirements for an evaluation and delegation process consistent with previous root zone scaling discussions of smooth delegations, adding no more than 1,000 new gTLDs per year. This outcome can be achieved by the:

  1. timing of the release of evaluation results to applicants,
  2. timing of the release of applications into the pre-delegation steps of contract execution and pre-delegation testing,
  3. metering of delegations of new gTLDs into the root zone.

For the full skinny, go HERE.

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New gTLD Program: Technical Resources for Trademark Clearinghouse Available to Prospective New gTLD Registry Operators

Posted July 11th, 2012


In response to community request, ICANN is establishing an open mailing list to further refine and complete the technical specification of the interface between the new gTLD Registries and the Trademark Clearinghouse.

One way to protect property rights, and the interests of registrants, in the New gTLD Program is the establishment of a Trademark Clearinghouse. The Trademark Clearinghouse is being designed to increase protections and reduce costs for trademark holders and start-up registries alike. Given that new gTLD registry operators will need to establish systems to support the required Sunrise and Trademark Claims services, ICANN is inviting participation on a technically-focused mailing list.

For the full skinny go HERE.

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