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ICANN Posts Latest Round of Audited Financial Statements

Posted October 28th, 2010

To satisfy curiosities about the financial inner workings of ICANN, click HERE.

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Posted October 27th, 2010

The infamous and ever popular domain has sold yet again. This time, the domain that spurred the big money domain business and warranted it’s own book commanded $13 million. which last changed hands from Gary Kremen to Escom LLC in 2006 for $12 million was put on the auction block due to the bankruptcy of Escom LLC. The sale was brokered by and the new “owner” of the domain is Clover Holdings LTD.

Despite what may outwardly seem to be the easiest domain to monetize of all time, the apparent reason for Escom LLC’s bankruptcy lies in the company’s inability to make the domain “sufficiently profitable”.  Perhaps Clover Holdings LTD will have better luck.

The eyes of the industry remain unwavering on Time will tell whether new owners can reinvent the domain or if it is destined to become the urban legend of the domain industry.

For more information on the most recent sale of, click HERE and HERE.

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ICANN Publishes New gTLD Budget

Posted October 25th, 2010

To read more about how ICANN’s new gTLD budget could effect you, click HERE.

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Keeping Up With The IDN’s, More Countries Ramp Up Participation

Posted October 22nd, 2010

While the Internet community is deciding what to do with a treasure chest of possible innovations to the domain space it is delightful and encouraging to see the product of such a “risk” thriving in the current economy. The quick spread of IDN’s is not only further opening the space to people’s who have been excluded from participation but also demonstrates how quickly and positively Internet users world-wide adapt to a change in the way they interact with the technology.

This week brings more positive developments as the IDN roll out continues to gain momentum with the announcement of the trade mark Sunrise period for فلسطين (.falesteen) in Palestine, the opening of the registration period for .台灣 (.taiwan) and the launch of Cyrillic IDN’s and Applications for the Islamic Republic of Iran and Oman have also been approved. This means 29 IDN’s have been approved since the implementation of this program.

For more information on these and other IDNs, click HERE

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Two Days Left To Comment On Community Working Group Report on Implementation of GNSO New gTLD Recommendation Number 6

Posted October 20th, 2010

To give ICANN your two cents on this topic, click Here.

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ICANN and UNESCO Work Toward Implementation of IDN ccTLDs

Posted October 11th, 2010


ICANN and UNESCO have agreed to work together to further strengthen and promote multilingualism in cyberspace, and facilitate the successful implementation of IDN ccTLDs.

ICANN and UNESCO, in a letter of intent, have Identified the first area of joint collaboration in furtherance of the December 2009 Cooperation Agreement.  Under the LOI, both parties will cooperate, each in its area of expertise, to develop a reference table of country names and abbreviations for the benefit of UNESCO’s Member States and countries whose official languages are based on Cyrillic Script.

Other languages and scripts are expected to follow.

The exact scope of the project is yet to be finalized, but the proposed table would be non-binding in its use.  While the existence of a table may assist applicants for IDN ccTLDs in identifying strings, ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast Track application process and requirements would not be modified as a result of this project.

For the full story go HERE.

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