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The Pentagon Strikes First

Posted August 31st, 2010

From the Washington Post

Pentagon Considers Preemptive Strikes as Part of Cyber-Defense Strategy

The Pentagon is contemplating an aggressive approach to defending its computer systems that includes preemptive actions such as knocking out parts of an adversary’s computer network overseas – but it is still wrestling with how to pursue the strategy legally.

The department is developing a range of weapons capabilities, including tools that would allow “attack and exploitation of adversary information systems” and that can “deceive, deny, disrupt, degrade and destroy” information and information systems, according to Defense Department budget documents.

See the full story HERE.

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The Debate on “Sexting”

Posted August 26th, 2010

From the Wall Street Journal

Are “Sext” Messages a Teenage Felony or Folly

State lawmakers around the U.S. are struggling to decide if teenage “sexting”—the practice of sending nude or sexually suggestive photos by cellphone—is a serious crime, or juvenile folly run amok.

About 20 states have enacted or proposed measures that deal with teenage sexters. Generally, the legislation is aimed at treating minors in a more lenient fashion than if they were prosecuted under existing child-pornography or child-exploitation laws, which include the possibility of prison time and sex-offender status.

See full story HERE.

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Desperately Seeking Candidates For ICANN Board Seat

Posted August 20th, 2010

From ICANN News Announcements

The Call for Statements of Interest (SOIs) for Candidates for the Post of ICANN Board Seat has been extended to September 6.

This Call for SOIs is part of the new process through which the user community within ICANN will appoint one voting member of the ICANN Board. While acting in a personal capacity as a member of the ICANN Board, this member must be able to reflect the users’ point of view and interests in the debate and decision making undertaken within the ICANN framework.

In seeking candidates for this post, ICANN’s At-Large Community is looking for an individual with a broad international perspective and a background in Internet users’ interests, consumer policy and/or civil society worldwide.

See full announcement HERE.

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