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Report of Kyoto DNS Symposium Released

Posted April 28th, 2010

From ICANN News Alert

ICANN released Measuring the Health of the Domain Name System. This paper presents the findings from the 2nd Global Annual Symposium on DNS Security, Stability and Resiliency, conducted 1-3 February 2010 at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan. Program committee members chose to focus this year’s conference on the theme of measuring the health of the DNS. As the entire Internet relies daily on the DNS, understanding its health – both at a given instant and as it changes over time – is critical for being able to reasonably predict the DNS’s health outlook and to decide whether to take corrective measures. The Symposium endeavored to analyze the state of understanding DNS health, the key vital signs for the DNS and how the community might approach improving measurement and assessment of DNS health.

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Doug Brent Steps Down as ICANN COO

Posted April 27th, 2010

Brent will step down as ICANN COO on July 1.  See the full story on the ICANN Blog.

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Questions about UDRP Decisions from NAF

Posted April 27th, 2010

After the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) called out a complainant for the submission of automated UDRP complaints (HERE) that contain nonsense, an examination into decisions from NAF revealed the same ISSUE.

See the full story from CircleID HERE.

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New Cultural gTLD to Represent Kurds

Posted April 27th, 2010


A Kurdish company will apply to ICANN for a .kurd or .kur top-level domain to represent cultural Kurds.

The application will join the likes of .cat, and expected gTLD applications including .scot, .cym, .bzh, and .gal, which promise representation to “cultural”, but non-geographic, user bases.

The potential community for .kurd is around 35 million people, over three times the size of the international Catalan community represented by .cat.

See the full story HERE.

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Mayor in Connecticut Gives Facebook Friend Her Kidney

Posted April 25th, 2010

When all else fails, try social networking. That’s what Carlos Sanchez did at the advice of his doctor. And East Haven, CT mayor, April Capone Almon answered the call.

See the full story from cnet HERE.

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Lufthansa to Gray Powell: Drinks Are On Us

Posted April 22nd, 2010


If Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who lost his iPhone prototype at a German beer hall in Silicon Valley, is thinking about drowning his sorrows somewhere, Lufthansa wants to help him indulge.

In a message put up on Twitter, Lufthansa’s marketing director for the Americas, Nicola Lange, invited Powell to fly for free to Munich.

“At Lufthansa we also noted with great interest your passion for German beer and culture. We thought you could use a break soon–and therefore would like to offer you complimentary business class transportation to Munich, where you can literally pick up where you last left off.”

See full story HERE.

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IDN ccTLD Request from Jordan Successfully Passes String Evaluation

Posted April 22nd, 2010


ICANN announced yesterday the successful completion of String Evaluation on proposed a IDN ccTLD string for Jordan. Details of the successful evaluation are provided HERE.

The IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) ccTLD Fast Track Process was approved by the ICANN Board at its annual meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 30 October 2009. First requests were received starting 16 November 2009. The process enables countries and territories to submit requests to ICANN for IDN ccTLDs, representing their respective country or territory names in scripts other than Latin. IDN ccTLD requesters must fulfil a number of requirements:

  • the script used to represent the IDN ccTLDs must be non-Latin;
  • the languages used to express the IDN ccTLDs must be official in the corresponding country or territory; and
  • a specific set of technical requirements must be met (as evaluated by an external DNS Stability Panel comprised of DNS and IDN experts).

See the rest HERE.

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ICANN Board Meeting Agenda

Posted April 21st, 2010


(Note item 10 below on the UDRP)

Consent Agenda:

  1. Consent Agenda Resolution:
    1. .INFO Contract Amendment re One & Two Character Names
    2. Redelegation – Tanzania (.TZ)
    3. Approval of Recommendation from Compensation Committee regarding Paul Twomey’s At Risk Component of Compensation as Senior President
    4. Renewal of DotPro Registry Agreement

Main Board Meeting:

  1. President’s Report
  2. Proposed Implementation Plan for Synchronized ccTLD
  3. Delegation of IDN ccTLDs
  4. Latin American Meeting Location
  5. Affirmation of Commitments
    1. A. Meeting Our Commitments under AOC
      B. Board oversight of performance of Affirmation of Commitments.
    2. Supporting & Facilitating Reviews – Board’s Role
    3. Transparency & Accountability Review Update
  6. DNS Cert
  7. New gTLDs
    1. Reporting performance against new gTLD Project Plan
    2. Status of Vertical Integration, IP Issues and Communications Plan
  8. May Retreat- Draft Agenda
  9. UDRP Policy – relationships with service providers; changes in procedures
  10. Any Other Business

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Posted April 20th, 2010

By James L. Bikoff, David K. Heasley and Phillip V. Marano.

Two recent decisions in the United States – LVM v. Akanoc Solutions from the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and Tiffany v. eBay from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit – highlight a stark contrast of Internet Service Provider conduct and help to solidify our jurisprudence on contributory trademark infringement.

The LVM v. Akanoc Solutions case involved three separate defendants – Akanoc Solutions, a company that provided web hosting services to online storefronts selling counterfeit Louis Vuitton merchandise; Managed Solutions Group, the company that owned the computer equipment used by Akanoc; and Steven Chen, the general manager and sole owner of Akanoc. Louis Vuitton filed its complaint alleging contributory trademark infringement, among other causes of action, after the Defendants essentially ignored Louis Vuitton’s letters requesting removal of offending websites from the Defendants’ servers. After trial late last year, a jury awarded Louis Vuitton statutory damages for contributory trademark infringement in the amount of $10.5 million per Defendant.


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Twitter Proposal Leads to Tweeted Wedding

Posted April 9th, 2010

From cNET

They sat up in bed on their wedding night and followed the progress of the hashtag they had created on Twitter. But before we focus on the romantic part of Greg and Stephanie Rewis’ wedding, let us pause for a moment to consider how they got to the altar.

See the full story HERE.

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