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UDRP Shortcut For Arbitrators?

Posted November 30th, 2009

As reported on Domain Name Wire: “Being a domain name arbitrator under UDRP for National Arbitration Forum doesn’t pay particularly well. That is, if you are an arbitrator who takes your job seriously. But National Arbitration Forum provides a shortcut to arbitrators, allowing them to “cut-and-paste” their way to quick decisions.”

Click here for the full story.

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Holidays Online: The 12 Scams of Christmas

Posted November 23rd, 2009

From cnet.

Larry Magid interviews David Marcus of Internet security firm, McAfee about online scams during the holiday season. Get the full story HERE.

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Three Charged With Hijacking

Posted November 20th, 2009

You can never be too careful with your domains but it is reassuring to know that domain crime is being taken seriously. As reported on‘s Threat Level blog. “Three alleged members of the hacker gang Kryogeniks were hit with a federal conspiracy charge Thursday for a 2008 stunt that replaced Comcast’s homepage with a shout-out to other hackers.”

For the full story, click here

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FDA Issues 22 Warning Letters to Web site Operators

Posted November 19th, 2009

From an FDA News Release

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today completed a coordinated, weeklong, international effort, called the International Internet Week of Action (IIWA), intended to curb illegal actions involving medical products.

During the effort, the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI), in conjunction with the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and the Office of Regulatory Affairs, Office of Enforcement, targeted 136 Web sites that appeared to be engaged in the illegal sale of unapproved or misbranded drugs to U.S. consumers. None of the Web sites are for pharmacies in the United States or Canada.

The agency issued 22 warning letters to the operators of these Web sites and notified Internet service providers and domain name registrars that the Web sites were selling products in violation of U.S. law. In many cases, because of these violations, Internet service providers and domain name registrars may have grounds to terminate the Web sites and suspend the use of domain names.


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If You Haven’t Got Anything Nice To Say, It’s Probably Not A Good Idea to Launch A Gripe Site About It

Posted November 19th, 2009

“Law firm claims cybersquatting and trademark infringement against ex-employees gripe site.”

For the full story, click here.

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Hacktivists Ransack Hitler Defender’s E-mail

Posted November 18th, 2009

From The Register

Self-proclaimed anti-fascist hackers have struck a major blow at controversial World War II historian David Irving by taking down two of his websites and publishing scores of his emails and private information.

The 16,000-word missive posted to Wikileaks contains the names and contact details of supporters of Irving, who – among other things – claims that Adolf Hitler was unaware of the Holocaust. It also includes passwords for accounts Irving used to receive email, administer his websites, and process online purchases of his books and tickets. Its posting over the weekend coincided with the outage of his two websites, and Focal Point Magazine.

“I committed the usual error of using the same password for two internet applications,” Irving told The Register on Tuesday. “It’s not very pleasant for the people whose own data has been compromised.”

The contents from Irving’s America Online email account showed contemporaneous messages with supporters and assistants as Irving toured the United States promoting his latest book. Many of the emails reveal locations of appearances that were generally kept secret until just hours before they were to begin.

“We trust you to keep this location confidential,” the messages conclude.


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New Jersey Hands Down Indictment For Domain Theft

Posted November 17th, 2009

As reported on Domain Name Wire, “New Jersey today handed down an indictment (pdf) against Daniel Goncalves, alleged thief of the domain name. The Division of Criminal Justice Major Crimes/Computer Analysis & Technology Unit obtained a seven-count state grand jury indictment for theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception, computer theft, and identity theft, all in the second degree, and three counts of fourth-degree falsifying records.”

Click here for full story.

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Posted November 17th, 2009

Playboy Magazine filed a federal lawsuit today against Corri Fetman, lawyer, former columnist for the magazine and poser in nude photographs over trademark rights to “Lawyer of Love”.

See the full story HERE.

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Obama Tackles Twitter Question in China

Posted November 17th, 2009

From CNN

SHANGHAI, China (CNN) – It was the one question that got the most attention at President Obama’s Shanghai town hall meeting. And it set him up to address the issue of censorship:

“Should we be able to use Twitter freely?”

In a country that routinely blocks access to cyberspace, the president said “I’ve always been a strong supporter of open Internet use. I’m a big supporter of non-censorship.

“I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes.”

U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman read the question that President Obama said “was generated through the Web site of our embassy,” and added that it was “selected … by I think one of the members of our U.S. Press corps.”

But that wasn’t quite right.

While Bloomberg reporter and White House Correspondents Association President Ed Chen was asked by an administration official to select a question, he declined. Instead he picked numbers from a bag that the White House ultimately used to get the Twitter question.


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.рф Already Taking Applications

Posted November 16th, 2009

The Russian domain registry .RU is accepting sunrise applications for Cyrillic character trademarks under .рф, the Cyrillic translation of .RU. This extension has not yet been granted by ICANN as the ccTLD fast-track application process only opened today, but the registry is so confident that it will be approved that they are accepting applications in a tandem process. They expect to approve sunrise applications from 25 November 2009, although the sunrise will continue until 25 March 2010.

If you have a Russian trademark that you would like to protect under this new IDN, please note the following:

  • Applications must be based on a Cyrillic trademark registered in Russia
  • Only Cyrillic characters are acceptable (ie not in combination with ASCII)
  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Applicants must provide a stamped copy of the trademark certificate and a copy of the trademark owner’s certificate of incorporation
  • The official sunrise application fee is 1200 Roubles
  • The registry has not indicated whether there will be a landrush period following the sunrise

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