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IRT Final Report on Trademark Protection in New gTLDs

Posted May 31st, 2009

From an ICANN News Alert

The Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) posted its Final Reporton Trademark Protection in New gTLDs on 29 May 2009. The IRT was formed by ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency in accordance with the 6 March, 2009 ICANN Board resolution HERE.

The resolution was in response to the request by the community seeking solutions for potential issues for trademark holders in the implementation of new gTLDs. The team reflects experiential and geographic diversity and is comprised of 18 members and two alternates (see Members of the IRT HERE).

The IRT team participated in numerous teleconferences and several face-to-face meetings in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, California, over a two month period. The resulting recommendations report on Trademark Protection Issues identifies several proposed solutions, including:

* IP Clearinghouse, Globally Protected Marks List and associated Rights Protection Mechanisms, and standardized pre-launch rights protection mechanisms;
* Uniform Rapid Suspension System;
* Post delegation dispute resolution mechanisms; Whois requirements for new TLDs; and
* Use of algorithm in string confusion review during initial evaluation.

In the process of developing its recommendations, the IRT consulted with WIPO and the broader community, and evaluated the public comments received in response to the posting of the Draft IRT Report (HERE) on 24 April, 2009. These comments are posted at HERE. In addition, several community members who had submitted substantive comments and proposals on trademark protection in new TLDs were invited to participate in the IRT meeting held on 11 May, 2009 in San Francisco.

This Final IRT Report will be posted for a thirty (30) day comment period HERE that closes on 29 June, 2009. Comments can be sent to HERE and reviewed HERE .

The community will have additional opportunity to discuss the IRT proposal in an open forum discussion at the Sydney Meeting and in public consultations to be scheduled in July and August 2009. These consultations will take place in diverse geographic regions, and will provide a forum for ICANN to hear from
the community on the effectiveness of proposals that address the overarching issues submitted by the IRT and others.

Go HERE to view the  WIKI for Overarching Issues discussions.

Go HERE to view the New gTLD Page.

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Posted May 28th, 2009

From an ICANN News Alert

On 26 May 2009, ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee (the GAC) submitted a final letter HERE responding to the ICANN Board’s concerns about the ability to implement the provisions of article 2 of the GAC Principles regarding new gTLDs, particularly paragraph 2.71*. The letter recommends, as a minimum, that the names contained in three internationally recognized lists must be reserved at the second level at no cost to governments of all new gTLDs. However, other issues relating to geographic names at the top level and the potential misuse of the respective names at the second level requires further discussion.
See the full skinny HERE.

* Applicant registries for new gTLDs should pledge to: a) adopt, before the new gTLD is introduced, appropriate procedures for blocking, at no cost and upon demand of governments, public authorities or IGOs, names with national or geographic significance at the second level of any new gTLD; b) ensure procedures to allow governments, public authorities or IGOs to challenge abuses of names with national or geographic significance at the second level of any new gTLD.

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Posted May 28th, 2009

By now, interested people are aware that ICANN intends to allow an unlimited number of new top-level names, intended to rival the existing gTLDs such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .travel, .jobs, etc.  Many of these will be internationalized domain names (“IDNs”) in scripts currently unavailable at the top-level of the DNS, such as Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean and Japanese.  ICANN also intends to allow new IDN country-code TLDs, for example “.India” in Hindi script, to supplement the current ASCII versions like, .cn, .de, .in, etc.

Fewer people are aware of how phishing attacks, malware distribution, child pornography and other criminal activity, all dependent upon domain name registrations and/or IP addresses, are often enabled by exploiting vulnerabilities in the registration systems of TLD registries, domain registrars and their resellers.  Typically a criminal operation will find a security hole or process vulnerability to exploit, and then exploit it until the registry, registrar and/or reseller fix it.  Then they move on to another target.


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IRT Report to be Published 29 May

Posted May 28th, 2009

From ICANN News Alert

The final Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) report, originally called for by 24 May 2009 will be published on 29 May, 2009. The IRT has rapidly performed their work, called for by the ICANN Board in a resolution on 6 March, 2009. In consultation with ICANN staff during the week of 17 May, all agreed that extending the publication date a few days would provide an opportunity to complete key work, and still make all community-agreed timeframes for posting in time for consideration at ICANN’s Sydney meeting.

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VeriSign Reports Revenue Gain for Q1

Posted May 12th, 2009

How is this possible you may ask in a down economy? Domain Name sales for one. That and the kibosh put on domain tasting. See the full skinny HERE.

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ICANN Now Plans to Begin Application Process for New gTLDS in Q1 of 2010

Posted May 8th, 2009

(From the 7 May 2009 ICANN NEWS ALERT)


ICANN continues to move forward in the implementation of the new gTLD Program while balancing and addressing community concerns on specific aspects of the program. The public comment period on the second version of the applicant guidebook recently closed and work continues to proceed regarding the discussion of overarching issues.

In order to continue progress and the community discussion, ICANN will:

  1. Publish an analysis of comments similar to that published after the fist version of the Guidebook,
  2. Conduct consultations and fora at the Sydney meeting and afterward to develop solutions to the overarching issues,
  3. Publish the third version of the Guidebook after the Sydney meeting when solutions to the overarching issues can be included.

With that in mind, it is anticipated that applications for new top-level domains will be accepted starting in the first quarter of 2010.

See the rest of the ICANN News Alert HERE.

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Posted May 7th, 2009

What are these .me domain endings popping up on the Internet?

.me was designated as the Top Level Domain (TLD) for the country of Montenegro in September 2007.  Since that time, the government of Montenegro has worked to make .me domains available to individuals and companies around the world.  Using accredited .me domain registrar partners, Montenegro has marketed the .me domain and promoted .me as a catchy way to network ( and call others to action (,


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Cameron Diaz Wants Her Domain Name

Posted May 6th, 2009

Cameron Diaz commenced arbitration to try and recover the domain name currently registered to Alberta Hot Rods of some place called High Prairie, Alberta, Canada — you know just down Highway 2 from Lesser Slave Lake. Other celebrities vying to get domains using their names include Jim Carrey, Jay Leno and Sigourney Weaver.

Get the full skinny HERE.

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uBid Guns For GoDaddy

Posted May 5th, 2009

Ubid is suing GoDaddy over the company’s parked domains program. See the full skinny HERE.

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Showdown in Minnesota

Posted May 1st, 2009

Minnesota wants to shut down gambling sites on the Internet by gunning at ISPs. See the full story HERE.

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