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Interview: Nick Wood of Com Laude, Part 2

Posted January 30th, 2009

We sat down with Nick Wood of Cum Laude for another round of discussions on the future of the new gTLD roll out and the inspirational quality of resilience amid global economic crisis.



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KENIC “Dashes” Cybersquatting Activities In Kenya

Posted January 27th, 2009

KENIC, Kenya’s domain name registry, has implemented a precautionary measure that prohibits the registration of a domain name with a dash or hyphen if a version of the domain name has already been registered without a hyphen. The same applies if a domain name is first registered with a hyphen, the unhyphenated version will be blocked. For instance:

The registration of will block the registration of, likewise the registration of will block the registration of

This system has been implemented to curb cybersquatting in addition to saving legitimate registrants the costs of registering different versions of their domain name. Perhaps other countries will take their cue from Kenya and we will start to see other more countries taking it upon themselves to step up to fight cybersquatting.

 To view the Kenyan whois database visit  

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In The Future, We Will All Be Breaking Up Via Email; Executive Director of the Internet Commerce Association Resigns

Posted January 23rd, 2009

Executive Director of the Internet Commerce Association has resigned his post (via email) to pursue his own projects.  The email to members of the ICA was sent on the evening of January 22, 2009. The ICA is a “non-profit trade organisation representing domain name investors, developers and the direct search industry”


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Breaking! Online Gambling Industry 1; State Of Kentucky 0

Posted January 21st, 2009

Many of us are taught at a very early age that it is wrong to take something that does not belong to us. Unfortunately the state of Kentucky didn’t learn that until it was 217.

According to Domain Name News ”the Kentucky Appeals Court has ruled in a 2-to-1 majority decision against the state of Kentucky in its attempt to seize 141 valuable gambling domains, overturning the previous decision (in their favor) by Judge Thomas Wingate of the Kentucky Circuit Court.”

We’re sure there is a collective sigh of relief coming from not only the online gambling industry, but from the registrars involved and domain name holders everywhere. 


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Interview: Nick Wood of Com Laude On New gTLDs Part 1

Posted January 16th, 2009


There is a lot of information floating around about the new gTLD roll-out and it can be arduous to weed through the mountains of actual facts and mass hysteria. We sat down with the infinitely credible Nick Wood of Com Laude to get a beat on what, through his experience with ICANN and in the domain space, he predicts will unfold.   In Part 1 of this interview we discuss transparency, the true costs of getting started and rights protection.


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Kentucky Watch; Ruling On The Seizure Of Domain Names Expected Soon

Posted January 15th, 2009

A state vigilant on gambling regulations or sore losers who want a piece of the pie? The state of Kentucky continues to push to protect its residents from  what it claims is an ”illegal, unregulated and untaxed industry” by pursuing the seizure of 141 domain names.

As reported on and, The three judge appeals panel is nearing a ruling on whether they will uphold the decision to seize 141 domain names belonging to gambling sites which are registered outside the state. A decision is expected later this month. 

We’ve previously reported on what this could mean for the domain industry as a whole. The entire online community should watch this case very carefully as it could forecast bigger problems for domain holders down the road.


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Verizon’s Holiday Present – A $33 Million Judgment Against a Cybersquatter

Posted January 12th, 2009

Over the holidays, a federal court in Northern California entered a default judgment of $33.15 million in favor of Verizon Communications in what may be the largest cybersquatting judgment in history.


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Urban Legend Becomes Reality for Tech Company; Go Check On Your Domain Renewals; The Call Is Coming From Inside The House!

Posted January 9th, 2009

The domain and tech industries don’t have a lot of urban legends that aren’t Steve Jobs related, but everyone has heard the story about the disgruntled former employee who takes down a companies data bases on their way out. It happened to the company your friend’s, cousin’s, girlfriend’s, sister in law worked for so it has to be true. 


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INTA Trademark Law And The Internet – Early Bird Registration Ends Monday

Posted January 8th, 2009

The INTA Trademark Law and The Internet forum is coming to San Fransisco, CA from February 9-10, 2009.

Don’t forget to register by Monday, January 12, 2009 to take advantage of early bird member and non member rates. The conference is being held at the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Warf (a place known for its vendors selling excellent soups served in bread bowls). 

Don’t forget to dress warm, folks, its cold at the warf in February. Sunny California rules don’t apply.

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Final Days Of Sunrise. Get Your Domain While The Getting Is Good!

Posted January 7th, 2009

Who doesn’t love a good sunrise? 

January 15, 2009 marks the end of the “grandfather” phase of this ccTLD sunrise. If you have trademark rights applicable for the region and would like to further protect your brand, you have until March 17, 2009 to lock down your domains before the registration opens up to the public. 

Just a reminder from your local, friendly, NameSmash.

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